• Land Use.  All Lots shall be used for bona fide residential and agricultural purposes as set forth in this Declaration and in the Pueblo County Land Development and Zoning Regulations.  No Lot Owner shall be permitted to raise pigs, rabbits, or poultry of any kind or operate a feed lot or kennel.  Horses and ponies are expressly permitted. All Lot Owners shall apply for all required permits and follow all applicable building regulations for Pueblo County, Colorado. Individual septic systems and wells will be required and must be constructed in strict compliance with local and state building, zoning, and health regulations.
  • Dwelling Type. No mobile homes, manufactured housing, doublewides, or modular homes shall be constructed on or placed on any lot. This shall not preclude the construction of homes consisting of packaged components that are delivered and assembled on-site such as log cabins, cedar homes or post and beam homes.  Homes constructed of straw bales or tires are specifically prohibited.
  • Temporary Uses. Construction trailers, motor homes, and/or travel trailers may be used for up to nine (9) months during the construction of a residential home provided that all uses are in compliance with Pueblo County zoning regulations and permitted uses. Such construction trailers, motor homes and/or travel trailers shall not be occupied as permanent living space.  Recreational vehicles, camper units, and tents may be used for vacation camping for a period not to exceed forty-five (45) total days in any calendar year provided that all uses are in compliance with Pueblo County zoning regulations and permitted uses. Recreational vehicles, camper units, and tents may not be left or stored on any lot prior to the construction of a residential dwelling.
  • Minimum Dwelling Size. No more than one residential dwelling and accompanying outbuildings may be constructed on each lot. Each residence may also have a guest house. A guest home must be constructed simultaneous with or after the principal residential dwelling. If constructed, no principal residential dwelling, shall contain less than one thousand five hundred square feet (1,500 sq. ft.) of heated/air conditioned living area, excluding garages, green houses, decks, screened porches, covered patios or entry ways.  Any two (2) story principal residential dwelling shall contain a minimum of one thousand one hundred (1,100 sq. ft.) of heated/air conditioned living area on the ground or first floor.
  • Structure Setbacks. All structures shall be built at least seventy five (75’) feet from the roadway, and fifty (50’) from the sides and rear, of any Lot boundary. If local government regulations provide more restrictive setbacks, those regulations shall govern.
  • Exterior Completion. The outside finish of all buildings must be completed within twelve (12) months after the start of construction. No building paper, insulation board, sheathing, or similar non-exterior materials shall be used for the exterior finish of any building. The exterior finish of all buildings shall be composed of earth tones harmonious with the existing environment.
  • Commercial Use. No commercial use shall be made or commercial activity conducted within the Property, except that any owner may conduct a home occupation, business or professional office, provided there is no “walk in” customer traffic or signs or advertising concerning such office or practice within the Property.
  • Additional Subdivision of Lots. No further subdivision of any lots is permitted, except by Declarant, to the extent that each lot of land from such a subdivision shall consist of 35 or more acres.
  • Fencing Standards and Grazing. Any animals kept by a Lot Owner must be contained by an adequate fence. No Lot Owner shall permit any Lot to become over grazed and shall take appropriate measures to maintain and protect the natural grassland areas on the Property.  Declarant nd the Lot Owners are not required to participate in the construction of partition fencing between Lots. Any Lot Owner who wishes to fence his land must bear the expense of fencing, unless he can get the adjoining neighbor to voluntarily cooperate in the fence between the Lots. The expense of maintaining such fences is the sole responsibility of the Lot Owners constructing them, or their heirs, successors, or assigns.  In the event a Lot Owner wishes to fence all or a portion of any lot the following minimum fencing standards have been established for the Property.  These standards only apply to new fencing placed on the Property. All front, side, and rear fencing must be a minimum of 4 strand barbed or unbarbed wire fence.  All wire must be new.  New steel T-posts must be used for fence construction. Steel, cedar, or pressure treated posts may be used for support. Road frontage fencing may consist of a more decorative  split rail, log, or board fence at the Lot Owners sole discretion, provided it is maintained and cared for  properly. Fencing standards must be followed by all Lot Owners, their heirs, successors, or assigns.
  • Utility Installaion. Any utility installation on a Lot shall be the Owner’s responsibility at the Owner’s expense. Declarant is providing the feeder electrical service via overhead (above ground) lines along roadways or to a lot line on each lot.  Any utilities, including electrical service must be installed via underground from the roadways or lot lines to the Owner’s building site, at the Owner’s expense.
  • Signs.  No signs, advertisements or billboards shall be placed on the property, except for a sign designating the Lot Owner or occupant’s name, Lot number or address and such normal and customary “For Sale” signs associated with the sale a Lot Owner’s property.  This restriction shall not preclude the Declarant from placing “For Sale” signs and/or billboards within the development for sole purpose of selling remaining Lots.
  • Firearms and Hunting. The discharge of firearms and hunting shall be prohibited within the development.
  • Mineral Exploration. In no event shall any Lot Owner use or cause to be used any portion of the Development, including his or her own Lot, for the purposes of drilling, exploring, mining, or otherwise developing any deposits of oil, minerals, or other natural resources lying above, on, or under said Development.
  • Noxious, Annoying or Offensive Activity. No noxious, annoying or offensive activity shall be carried out upon a Lot, nor shall anything be done or placed upon the property which is a nuisance of creates a disturbance or annoyance to others.  Metal roofs must be colored to reduce reflective glare. No lights shall be emitted from any Lot which are unreasonably bright or cause unreasonable glare.  Mercury and vapor lights are expressly prohibited.
  • Refuse and Junk Prohibited. No Lot Owner will dump refuse or garbage on any Lot, nor will any Owner build, maintain, operate or construct, or in any way cause to be placed on their property any structure or condition that will cause the accumulation or existence of animal waste, junk, abandoned cars, or any condition causing obnoxious odor. No Lot within the development shall be permitted to fall into disrepair, and all Lots, including improvements and structures shall be kept clean and attractive.  Maintenance, repair and upkeep of each Lot shall be the sole responsibility of the Lot Owner.
  • Association. All Lot Owners will be members of the Legacy Ranch Landowner’s Association and will be responsible for payment of yearly Association dues. Initial yearly dues are set a $300 per year per lot.  Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 13A are exempt from payment dues as they completely front on the county roads.